My paintings and sculpture are a study of how our minds and bodies relate to each other. Paying particular attention to the challenges of our modern environment and the impact our evolutionary adaptations have on our existence. The Aquatic Ape Hypotheses has been a long source of inspiration for me. More recently I have been combining jellyfish with human forms. Jellyfish numbers have exponentially risen world wide as a result humans polluting the oceans. I find these jellyfish and their population growth mirroring mankind a great metaphor.

My work walks the line between representational and abstraction. This line or tipping point where the physical meets the psyche is a common thread through out my practice. I conduct residencies in a pathology lab where I make work during human dissections. Whilst questions about mortality are inevitable in such settings, there are also a plethora of other strong emotions and thoughts that crowd the mind. The incredible form and colours that are revealed during the dissections inform the internal aspect of my work whilst live life model, animal and seeds inform the external. I am interested in the dichotomy of internal and external life and the line that divides these physical and psychological states. The use of the diptych in my paintings and the opaque and transparent qualities of my sculpture represents the duality of our hidden and revealed worlds.


2015 ‘Insula’, Solo Oct Ventnor Botanic Gardens, UK

2015 ‘Upstairs Windows’, Solo, March -May Kingscote Gallery, Sussex


2016 ‘Waterborne’ Wakehurst Place, Kew, Sussex, UK

2016 Art Suzhou Jan – Feb Suzhou, China

2015 Art Gemini Prize, September Menier Gallery London

2015 Lynn Painter Stainer Prize, Feb Mall Galleries, London

2015 Winter Pride Awards Lacey Gallery, London

2014 Exile, August Onca Gallery, Brighton

2014 Fiveways at La lingerie May La Linerie Art Centre France

2014 Art Gemini Prize, Jan – Feb Rebecca Hossack Gallery

2014 National Portrait Gallery Gala, Feb     National Portrait Gallery

2013 Animal/Liminal, Dec – Jan 14 Leyden gallery, London

2013 London Art Fair, January 15-20 Islington, London

2013 Cork Street Open Exhibitions, January 15-23 Mayfair, London

2012 Summer Exhibition Royal academy of Art

2009 Hay Hill Gallery May Cork street, London

2009 National Portrait Gallery Gala March 09 National Portrait Gallery, London

2008 Summer Exhibition Royal Academy of Arts, London


2016 Functional Fascia Dissection Residency, March

2015 Functional Fascia Dissection Residency, June

2010 The Booth Museum of Natural History from May until July.


2016 UK China Art Prize

2015 Artist International Development Fund Dec 15 – Feb 16, Arts Council and British Council

2013 British Women Artists Award December

2007 BP Portrait Awards June – Sep National Portrait Gallery, London

2007 BP Portrait Award Oct – Dec Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

2008 BP Portrait Award Dec – March Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh


2012 ‘The Proceedings 2011 -12 ‘Art from Evolution’ essay and images of paintings

2011 500 Portraits’, compiled by Sandy Nairne, Director of the National Portrait Gallery.


2016 Death, Art and Anatomy Conference, Winchester University. Presenting a talk.

2015 Insula exhibition talk about working with the Millenum Seed Bank and making the work.

2009 ‘Art from Evolution’ is a talk on the evolution art themes of my work. I presented to the Bath Royal Scientific and Literature Society in April as part of the year of Darwin.


Arts Council England

British Council

Millennium Seed Bank, Kew. Wakehurst Place

Functional Fascia

Ventnor Botanic Gardens

More CV available on request